Across the Rainbow Bridge

Our equine friends who are gone, but never forgotten.

Sam I Am

Sam, our most recent loss, left us this past January 2023. Our gentlest pony and a friend to all, he's much missed.

Rokida's Nana

Nana, our oldest mare, passed away last summer at the grand old age of 30. We and the herd still miss her.

Shadows of Mahogany

Our beloved Shadow left us in January of 2022, a great loss for our participants.


Our sweet little mini girl Olay, shown here with a friend. left us in February oof 2020. She was the always-patient recipient of lots of new hairdos, and we miss her. 

Rebel Scooper Man

Shown here with one of our volunteers, Rebel was a favorite. He passed away in Dec of 2014.

Hollywood's Kiss

Mother to our herd's lead mare, Pioneer's Kiss & Tell, Hollywood passed in March of 2018 after years of program involvement and love.