Handling Covid On The Farm

As we all know, the novel coronavirus Covid-19 has become a force in all of our lives since 2020. At this time (May 2023) it seems clear that while the virus fluctuates in intensity and degree of contagion, it may be in our lives for years to come. If you or someone for whom you serve as guardian is interested in participating in one of our programs or serving as a volunteer, please read this statement so that you are aware of what we’re doing about covid-19. These policies may change with our community’s level of illness or contagion, and its overall response to covid-19. We encourage you to check this space periodically for updates, though we will attempt to make all active volunteers or program participants aware of any changes.

  • We are not currently requiring that volunteers and program participants sign a covid-19 liability release.
  • As almost all of our activities on the farm take place outside, we do not require masks. We also do not require that our volunteers or participants be vaccinated, though most are. If you are concerned about the vaccination status of those working with a particular participant, we will attempt to either obtain that information for you or ensure that you work with vaccinated individuals. Please note that because we do not REQUIRE vaccinations, this may affect the ability to participate. 
  • We make an effort to maintain social distancing, but in some cases, because of the nature of our work (which can require lifting children onto or off of horses, etc.), we cannot maintain distancing standards.
  • Though as yet there have been no covid-19 contagion events linked to the farm, we in no way guarantee Northern Pathways Equine Center as a contagion- or covid-19-free area, and we assume no responsibility for any exposure or illness you may experience as a result of visiting Northern Pathways Equine Center. 
  • The possibility of covid-19 infection, though somewhat reduced, is still very real. We encourage anyone with concerns about contagion to follow all governmental recommendations when visiting the farm – be vaccinated, wear a mask, use hand sanitizer, etc. Please note that when visiting the farm, you assume all responsibility for contagion risk or exposure to covid-19. If you test positive for covid within five days of visiting, please let us know.
  • If you have tested positive for covid-19, please do not visit the farm until you have a negative follow-up test.