Meet The Herd

Our horses are the heart and soul of our organization.  

All our equines serve to support, teach, and bond with our clients and volunteers. Through their empathic and reactive natures, those who work with them learn to interpret and manage their own emotional states more effectively. Additional rewards come in the shape of increased self-respect, healthier boundaries, exercise, and an improved understanding of how other species think.

Now, through our Adopt A Horse Program, you can help us care for the equine of your choice with a one-time or monthly donation! Read on to meet all our equine friends, and learn how you can help keep them healthy and thriving!

Nor-Fin’s Mary (Belle)

Belle, our Norwegian Fjord, came to us in December of 2018. She is becoming a valuable part of our program as we accustom her to our lift and ramp. She's a very affectionate, personable girl who loves attention and carrots.

Hunka Nik’s Boy

Boy was born to the first horse on the farm, Nikki, who gave birth to this beautiful black and white Paint colt one lovely spring. Boy is gentle and good-natured, always eager for a carrot to call his own. After his time off due to Covid, Boy has been working in the round pen and reacquainting himself with our visitors.

Pioneer's Kiss & Tell

Shortly after being born to her beloved mother Hollywood, who also spent many years on the farm, Kiss came to Pathways, and has spent most of her life on the farm. She is our other beautiful flea-bitten grey - a color she inherited from her mother. Her gentle Arab disposition makes Kiss the perfect horse for our intermediate riders, and her role as "lead herd mare" means she's always happy to step up and say hello. Kiss has been working with volunteer Annie for two years, and has come a long way with the help of her favorite volunteer!


Longtime buddy to our other Friesian, Dallemagne, Wike (pronounced WI-ka) is a Friesian mare with a delightful, friendly and trusting nature. Big, black, and clever, like almost all Friesians, Wike is being evaluated for her best role in our programs as she meets our volunteers. Thanks to Gwen Van Dorp and Bill Bekkering for this lovely girl and her pal D!

Fiddler's Song

Half-Lippizan and half-Arab Fiddler was donated to our program in 2014, and has found her perfect retirement job. Calm and with lovely gaits, "Fid" is a favorite with our slightly older riders. A big thank you to Mary Kennedy for her donation of our lovely flea-bitten grey friend!


Montana, who joined us in 2021, is a rescue from Texas who was brought to Michigan to be a blessing for us! used in the past to work cattle, this tall, sturdy and handsome blue roan gelding brings us his years of experience, his intelligence, and a very calm disposition. Already serving as a leader horse in our ring, he's put in a lot of riding time over the last year with volunteer Jacob, his favorite. This summer we plan to have him work with some of our other riders as he gets up to speed for more program work.


This gelding, known as "D," is a recent addition to Pathways, along with his good friend Wike. These two lovely Friesians were seeking a retirement home and came to us from Gwen Van Dorp and Bill Bekkering. D, tall and very handsome, also has an incredibly sweet personality, and enjoys playing chase games with Jake, the Farm Security Agent. He has begun working with volunteer Annie as we determine his best fit within our programs.

Our Ponies

Just A Little Bit Athena

Athena, born on the farm, is named for the Greek Goddess of wisdom. Intelligent, gentle, and playful, Athena greatly enjoys learning and performing new tricks. Adopt her, and she’ll shake your hand!


Wilma was born to a pony mother and a donkey father, thus making her the only Mule on the farm!  Wilma can give her handlers a good challenge now and then. This makes her the perfect equine for teaching self-confidence and respect! Lately she's been getting a lot of love and guidance from her favorite volunteer, Vickie.

Lucky Chance Buff

Donated in 2000 by the Personal Ponies program, Buff was the first pony on the farm with the sole mission of putting smiles on the faces of children and adults who meet him. Since joining he has accomplished what he has set out to do many times over, and he loves his work. Buff will try to ransack your pockets for treats, so working with him teaches us to establish boundaries! Lately he has made himself a star in our COWPOKES and HOOFPRINTS programs.