Our Programs

BRONCOS (Boys Reaching Out for New Challenges and Opportunities)
BRONCOS was developed in 2015 in collaboration with Centra Wellness's SafeNet program after the success of GALLOP (below), a pilot developed for girls in 2014. Through BRONCO, we work with boys aged 7 to 12 who are at risk of school failure and enrolled in SafeNet. Boys spend time at the farm enjoying outdoor activities while where they work and play with horses, assist with chores, and develop healthy physical, emotional, and lifestyle skills.

"I like to run with the ponies and hug the horses." - BRONCOS Participant

COWPOKES  (Creative Outdoor Work & Play Opportunities for Kids and Equines)

In 2007, a United Way of Manistee County grant first turned a passionate dream into a reality, starting this program originally known as Cowpokes To Careers. Providing assistance with social and emotional skills for Manistee Intermediate School District (ISD) students, COWPOKES continues as a favorite for all who attend.  Enhancing learning and social skills, through participation in different outdoor activities, COWPOKES has proven to be a magical motivational tool.  

"It is so nice to see the joy in the faces of the students as they ride a horse and to see them grow more confident." - COWPOKES Staff Participant

GALLOP  (Girls Achieving Life Long Opportunities with Purpose)
GALLOP, NPEC's first program for Centra Wellness's SafeNet children, was created in 2014 with a grant from the Manistee Community Foundation. Designed for girls ages 7 to 12, GALLOP assists in developing lifestyle and relationship skills similar to BRONCOS.

When I ride Rebel, all my worries fly away. I think the farm is the coolest place on earth." - GALLOP Participant
HOOFPRINTS  (Horses Offering Opportunities for Families, Providing Recreation, Interaction, New experiences, and Therapeutic Services)

Initially created in 2019 as a pilot activity through the generous support of 100 Women Who Care, this program for families with children experiencing mobility challenges provides its participants with riding activities designed to develop balance, core strength, coordination, self-confidence, and social skills. As HOOFPRINTS has demonstrated to all involved the physical gains possible with therapeutic riding, the program has expanded each year under the guidance of a hippotherapist-in-training.  HOOFPRINTS also offers activities and networking opportunities for participant families. 

"...It's a huge deal for our family to be out on the nice and quiet horse farm relaxing, being a family, and seeing the kids having so much fun." - HOOFPRINTS Participant

TRAILS  (Therapy for Recovery And Independent Living Skills)

Collaborating with Centra Wellness Peer to Peer Support, this program facilitates self-reliance and relationship skills for adults recovering from trauma and depression.  Many are on a path of recovery that now need hope, purpose, and direction.  Since the start of this program in 2010. the farm has become a sanctuary for those in need.

"From the first time you walk on the farm, the healing begins." - TRAILS Participant


With the help of our hardworking gardening volunteers, we try to provide all our participants access to healthy eating and lifestyle skills. Fresh vegetables, the opportunity to learn about growing and harvesting, and easy, delicious recipes are shared by everyone with an interest. Our gardens enable us to provide healthy snacks to our BRONCO and GALLOP kids, who are here through lunch on their program days.

"It's amazing how good you can feel after spending a few hours planting seeds!" - HARVEST Participant